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The Markthal is the first indoor market in the Netherlands. It is a place in the heart of Rotterdam where good food and unique living come together in a spectacular arch.

Due to new European regulations, the sale of, for example, fish, meat and cheese in the open air had to meet increasingly stringent requirements. This moment was seized by Rotterdam to start a particularly ambitious project on 19 November 2009: the construction of the most unique fresh market in the world.

Completed in 2014, and although being a modern market, the market stalls still face challenges to comply with Health & Safety legislation.

PcP. currently supplies new mesh gratings for all market stall canopies. Gratings that does not allow any dust to compile and meet requirements for airflow and sun shading.

- We have replaced competitor gratings in about one-third of all the market stalls and the rest will follow continuously, says René Westeneng, Area Manager at PcP. Nederland.

PcP. was selected for the job because of our technical know-how and great experience in customized gratings for brise soleils. 

- If you ever travel to Rotterdam, do yourselves a favor and visit the Markthal. Not only to shop but also to see the largest artwork in world, covering 11.000 m² inside the building. It’s a sight to see.

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