Heat shield deck for Ichthys Project

PcP. supplies their largest heat shield deck ever to a massive offshore project in the Indian Ocean.

It is the biggest oil and gas exploration company in Japan, INPEX, operating the offshore project called Ichthys. The field located approximately 889 km off the shore from Darwin in the Northwest of Australia can produce 8.9 million tons of liquefied natural gas a year.

The 80-m2 heat shield deck installed at the top of the flare tower on one of the largest semi-submersible rigs protects the lower decks and the rest of the construction against extreme heat.

The deck used also as service platform and access to the flame nozzles contributes to a safe working environment with the slip resistant LHD® surface.

Supplier to Samsung Heavy Industries

PcP. supplies other international offshore companies but the order is the first from Samsung Heavy Industries. The Korean company delivering the large 150 by 110 metre rig made the initial queries in December 2014.

Everything went fast as PcP. received the final order at the end of September 2015 and worked intensively with Korean observers on the side-line to produce the heat shield deck to ship only one month later. Normal time-to-delivery is 8 to 10 weeks.

PcP. succeeded and the deck dispatched from Vildbjerg to the Samsung shipyard in Geoje, South Korea and installed on the flare tower before deadline.

Safety gratings Type LHD®

The heat shield deck produced from PcP. safety gratings type LHD® in Alloy 800 material is a heat resistant, high-alloy, stainless product suitable in aggressive environments with high long-term temperatures.

The slip resistant LHD® grating surface of ø6 mm punched holes and ø6 mm drainage holes classifies as R11 slip resistance according to DIN 51130.

To weld in the Alloy 800 material requires special certified welders tested continuously during production. There are only a few in Denmark trained to weld in the material and outside welders supported PcP.s certified crew.

Verified by Lloyds Register

Lloyds Register verifies the LHD® grating functionality as heat shield deck in a testing environment using radiation heat showing temperatures around 100 degrees on the grating surface and only less than 65 degrees approximately 100 mm below the grating.

PcP. registers in Achilles JQS as official supplier to the Danish and Norwegian oil industry.

A potential for more orders

As newly certified supplier to Samsung Heavy Industries, PcP. hopes for more heat shield deck orders and other platforms to the industrial giant. That applies for both mesh gratings and safety gratings as well as other business areas. Aluminium scaffold planks is a product line in growth and Samsung Heavy Industries shows great interest in this particular product.

The Ichthys field expects to start production in third quarter of 2017 with 100.000 barrels of LNG a day at maximum operation.


Facts on the heat shield deck

• Top deck on rig flare tower
• Protects against extreme flare heat
• Used as service platform and access to flare nozzles
• PcP.s largest heat shield deck ever
• 80 m2 safety gratings Type LHD® (Low Hole Density)
• Heat resistant Alloy 800 material
• Welding done by certified workers
• Slip resistance class R11 according to DIN 51130
• Verified by Lloyds Register

End user, supplier and sub supplier

• INPEX - end user (JPN)
• Samsung Heavy Industries - rig (KOR)
• PcP. - heat shield deck (DK)
• ES Stålindustri - sheet metal machining (DK)
• Scan Bejds - surface treatment (DK)

Facts on the Ichthys Project

• Projecting started in 1998
• Operated by INPEX, the largest oil and gas exploration company in Japan
• 8.9 million tons of liquefied natural gas a year
• 100.000 barrels a day at maximum operation
• 889 km 42” pipeline to Darwin, Australia
• Water depth around 250 metres
• Gas reservoir depth around 4 to 4.5 km
• One of the world’s largest semi-submersible rigs
• Expected production start in July/September 2017
• Total establishment costs: 34 billion USD


Installation of heat shield deck   Installed heat shield deck at Samsung HI shipyard in Geoje, South Korea
LHD® gratings used as heat shield deck   Certified heat shield deck welding
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