Grating solutions for university hospital

PcP. A/S is the main supplier of grating solutions for maintenance decks and ventilation shafts for a new university hospital in Aarhus, Denmark, which will be finished in 2019. PcP. was chosen because of our qualities in project management and static calculations.

The grating solutions consists of maintenance decks in mesh gratings 22x44, steel type 240YP, and decks for ventilation shafts of safety gratings Type O2™ - high strength steel. Furthermore, applies Type O2™ Achil® Visual safety stair treads and GuardRail handrails on stairs between decks.

PcP. A/S supplies, all in all, 10.000 m² gratings allocated in different hospital buildings.


GuardRail handrail system   Mesh grating applied with fastenings
Safety grating applied with fastenings   Mesh gratings applied as maintenance deck
Safety gratings applied in ventilation shaft   Safety gratings and kick flats
DNU University hospital   DNU University hospital in Skejby

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