PF Group


The PF Group consists of a number of Danish and international companies. Together, they are capable of developing, manufacturing and marketing PcP.’s, ElefantGratings and Guardrails products in the global market. With companies in several countries, we are also capable of servicing our customers locally.



Denmark.png Denmark

PcP. A/S

ElefantRiste A/S

PF Værktøj Herning ApS

Nordjysk Døgn Galvanisering A/S


Sweden.png Sweden

PcP. Durk Sverige AB


Norway.png Norway

PcP. Norge AS


United_Kingdom.png Great Britain

PcP. Gratings Ltd.

Guardrail Engineering Ltd.


Netherlands.png The Netherlands

PcP. Nederland B.V.


Germany.png Germany

PcP. Sicherheitsroste GmbH


Belgium.png Belgium

S.A. PcP. Belgium N.V.

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PcP. A/S | 97 13 12 00

PcP. A/S
Sverigesvej 2-4
DK-7480 Vildbjerg





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